On-Demand Learning Platform

Leadership Live is our on-demand executive education platform accessible on any device. Learners can access courses and content developed by our world-class faculty, and tailor their experience to focus on their learning priorities.


Customize your employees’ development journey with Leadership Live, offering exclusive business school content and expertly curated learning pathways that help you achieve your goals.

Personalized education

Custom recommendations from our extensive core portfolio concentrate on your needs. We can also build tailored learning journeys specific to your organization’s development goals.

Exclusive Content

We cover topics essential to career growth, including personal leadership, innovation and digital transformation, sustainable business strategy and change and communication. Thanks to our diagnostic tools and customer support, participants can pinpoint the development areas they need to focus on.

Flexible set-up

Depending on the organization’s needs, Leadership Live can exist as a standalone platform or be integrated seamlessly with any LXP, LMS or intranet. Participants can easily access their training with a single sign-on.

Seamless Reporting

Our HR Dashboard can provide L&D/HR teams with live analytics and insights on user activity and progress. We also make suggestions to drive overall engagement and ROI.

How it works

Top-quality content is created by our expert faculty and delivered in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles.


Short diagnostics and self-assessments identify a learner’s professional development and leadership needs and suggest relevant certificate courses and curated playlists.

Curated playlists

Curated playlists bring together a sequence of content targeted for your organization’s development goals and participants’ learning levels and requirements.

Certificate courses

In-depth, multi-part online courses focus on key professional development topics, with a digital certificate awarded upon completion.

Faculty insights

We present the latest thought leadership and research from our top faculty, including reports, articles, webinars and podcasts.

Live lessons

During 45-minute live lessons, our faculty deliver insights and practical tips on the most trending and relevant skills, and make time for learners to apply these with peers from across our client organizations, and in their workplace.

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