Mentoring involves pairing an expert with a high-potential or manager who looks to them to improve a particular skill or gain industry expertise.


Focus on chemistry. Experienced mentors. Proven relational technique.

About mentoring

Mentoring is a process in which an employee works with an expert from a specific background or discipline to gain a personalized learning experience that directly relates to their situation. Not only does a mentoring relationship support the development of their skills, it also helps them build the confidence to work through current and future challenges more effectively – bringing greater value to the organization. Mentoring can help someone to:

Identify the areas of development specific to their needs, vision and goals, and align them with those of their business

Be empowered to implement ideas and act for themselves

Gain support and guidance through a specific project lifecycle

Gain knowledge from an expert who is seasoned in their field

Expand their professional network as a result of mentoring

Open new career paths for the future

My mentor is lovely and our sessions have really helped me to think through my workload and learn how to prioritize. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the mentorship and the way it has all been organized. I’ve learned so much.

What's included

  • 1:1 mentoring focused on specific industry sector

  • Access to our coaching platform to book sessions, set goals and monitor progress

  • Individually selected mentor who has specific knowledge of the coachee’s sector of work

  • Free chemistry-check call with mentor

Getting started with mentoring is easy through our portal

On-boarding with Hult EF coaching is easy. Through our coaching platform, you and your employees can:

  • browse mentors

  • book chemistry meetings

  • manage sessions

  • track goals and monitor progress

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Let the results speak for themselves

Transformational impact through coaching


Felt coaching was an essential part of their personal development.


Success in matching coach and coachee due to our focus on chemistry.

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