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We believe public-private partnerships can create a significant, positive impact on human capital development and countries’ competitiveness. If you are planning to build a more prosperous future for your organization or country as a whole, we would love to help.


Take charge of learning, boost careers and communicate across diverse cultures. We help governments, businesses and individuals everywhere sell more, innovate more, talk to their customers more – and, as a result, grow more.

We help governments to:

Customize language programs to achieve their objectives

Assess and track the language proficiency of large target groups

Improve students’ education by elevating teacher training

Learn professional and industry-specific language skills for global fluency

Language training solutions

We start with what your organization wants to achieve, and how improving language skills will help. We will work with you to design a language program that generates results. Guaranteed.

Teacher-led online training

With unlimited access to course materials, teacher-led group instruction and one-to-one reviews, our program is the global benchmark for virtual language learning. Improve professional language skills with courses like Leadership and Management, and focus on industry-specific terminology in courses for Hospitality, Tourism, Medical, Military and more. If the course you require does not exist, we will create it for you.

Study abroad programs: A full immersion in a language and culture is the fastest and most effective way to learn a language.

Executive Language Institutes

Customized programs at our Executive Language Institutes in Boston (US) and Cambridge (UK) drive impact with intensive, private or small-group classroom tuition. Delivered as an executive-class service, learn alongside an executive peer group, with the best teachers, locations, facilities, and carefully chosen accommodation.

International Language Centers

Transform the skills of an entire institution cost-effectively in a short timeframe with a stay at one of our centers in 16 countries around the world. Your team learns together, and our flexible-length courses are personalized to your specific goals. Our ILCs offer English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Teacher Training Academy

Knowledgeable teachers are the cornerstone of any educational system. Our Teacher Training Academy gives teachers a solid foundation in both language skills and methodology, improving the quality of learning across your country’s classrooms.

Empowered and enthusiastic teachers lead to better student results. Teachers graduate with efficient lesson planning and teaching skills, an understanding of global, pedagogical best practices and a connection with a community of educators around the world.

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Success Stories

We are helping 30,000 workers in Rwanda improve their English and hospitality skills, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and the Rwanda Development Board.

We are excited about the positive impact the training program is having on workers in the tourism and hospitality industry. Having skilled personnel remains critical in the service sector. The growing interest of learners in the program is proof that it is of benefit to them. We look forward to a sustained partnership to ensure that more people are well equipped with the much-needed transferable skills in the ever-evolving tourism and hospitality sector.

Belise Kariza, Rwanda Development Board, Chief Tourism Officer

A Global Vision

As the world leader in language research and innovation, here’s how we’re setting the standard for language training around the globe.

EF Research Network

In our longstanding partnerships with leading academic institutions, researchers and linguists work together on joint projects, sharing research, data and best practices.

EF SET language testing

EF SET is the world’s first free, standardized digital English proficiency test, with test scores scientifically aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference and easily comparable to those of TOEFL, TOEIC and BULATS Broad-based English language assessment of large target audiences, e.g., all teachers or students of a country, is critical to understanding the true needs for any strategic language training initiative. This has previously been technically difficult and prohibitively expensive. We can now assist with this, and also continuously track progress of a group of any size, through the EF Standard English Test (EF SET).


Every year, EF compiles the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) to measure adult English proficiency around the world and how it correlates with macro-economic and social indicators. We also map the world’s workforce English skills in a separate English Proficiency Index for Companies (EPI-c), as well as global student English skills in the EPI-s report.

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